Fallen angel

The funeral was beautiful.!! Dad did a wonderful job with everything… I’m so proud of him.!! There was many many tears… It was hard but least we have so many great memories with my grandfather.!! We miss you heaps grandfather.!! Rest in peace now. Xx


#soulless sam dealing with witnesses or the police was the best and you know it


I love his blue eyes.


I love his blue eyes.

make me choose » angldean asked : purgatory!cas or human!cas

Sam + bruised and battered 


make me choose »

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sam’s hair or the samulet

Sam’s hair during season 8 was a a work of art and as much as I miss the Samulet, Sam’s hair has always been a thing of wonder, so.



I swear to God if in the musical episode Adam doesn’t challenge Lucifer to a fiddle playing contest to get out of hell I will be pissed.